OM Holistic therapies


Due to Covid-19 I am unable to offer workplace massage or mobile treatments until further notice.

Based in the old embroidery mill , Paisley!

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 You will find my treatment suite offering a relaxing chilled out environment helping you get away from a busy hectic life.

I am a Fully qualified and insured therapist, a member of the Guild of holistic therapists. I am available for facial pamper parties and I also do work place massage.

Each treatment below includes a free 10 minute consultation.


£40 1 hour

Reflexology dates back to ancient Egypt. It has many beneficial effects on health and well being. It involves a cleanse then gentle massage to warm up the feet. A precise technique is then followed using the thumbs and forefingers with slight pressure to cover the whole of the foot. It is believed that the feet mirror and correspond with areas in the body. Working these areas unblock congestion and allow the body to self heal and balanced. The treatment will leave you feeling revitalized and refreshed. It can help with problems such as IBS, back pain and general congestion in the body.

Hot Stone massage

£45 1 hour

Enjoy a relaxing treatment that will melt away your tension and stress. Using hot stones to massage the back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs you will experience a truly blissful treatment. There are many benefits which include stress relief, feeling Balanced, warmth, increases metabolism, Increased circulation, healing and rejuvenation.


£25 30 mins

£40 1 hour

Using essential oils specially chosen for the clients needs I can work on the back, legs, chest, hands and arms to sooth tired aching muscles and working with the properties of the essential oils the treatment will aid sleep, anxiety and help with stress and even depression. I use a mix of myo-fascial, neuro- muscular and acupressure techniques to help ease pain and stiffness in the muscles. The pressure can vary between light to deep depending on the clients needs.



An ancient Japanese healing technique. I work with the client fully clothed using hands on & off balancing the body's energy canters. Reiki treatments help with stress related problems, anxiety and sleep. As it balances the energy centres it allows the body to function more efficiently.

Deep Abdominal massage-women only

£25 30/40 mins

The client will relax on the bed being modestly covered only showing a small area of the abdominal. Using a soft flowing massage to relax and warm up the area some pressure is applied helping to move and intestinal blockages. sometimes known as a non-evasive colonic therapy. The meridian lines of the stomach and spleen are worked down the legs. This helps with any energy blockages that may be causing anxiety and allows the client to deeply relax. Afterwards the experience of anxiety relief and stress relief can be felt and a few hours or more then the client may experience a bowel movement. There is no need to worry about sudden bowel movements on the massage couch, this hasn't happened yet! This can help with IBS, period pain, constipation and diverticulitis.

Indian head massage

£25 30 mins

Working on the upper back, neck, arms and head this treatment will de-stress and relieve anxiety. It can also relieve tension headaches caused by over working at a computer or desk.

Lipo-lift pro body wraps

Block of 3 £90

1 wrap £35

Lipolift pro is a highly effective fat cell reduction treatment. Once you have had an exfoliation, the solution is applied. You are then wrapped and relax on a heated bed. The active ingredients breakdown the fat cells, these are then excreted through our bodies natural waste. Results will continue to improve for 72 hours. You can add on a facial to your treatment for £15 for a holistic facial or £25 for a galvanic or lumi-spa facial.

Lumi-spa facial £35

This deep cleansing facial leaves the skin renewed and refreshed giving a youthful radiance. Its 7 in 1 benefits include a deep cleanse, skin smoothing, reduced appearance of pores, radiance, clarity, refreshed look and softness. The facial is completed with a mask and facial massage.

NU Skin Non-surgical face lift. £40

Using a combination of the portable hand held galvanic facial spa and the revolutionary products from the ageLOC® range together target the sources of the visible signs of ageing, helping you look younger and revitalized.

Epoch® deep cleanse and massage for the back.

£35 1 hour

Book in for this relaxing and deep cleanse treatment. Using the Epoch® mud mask which draws out impurities and deliverers key nutrients to the skin, once the back has experienced the deep cleanse, the Epoch® Peace essential oil mix with Lavender and Bergamot will be applied giving you a relaxing peaceful back neck and shoulder massage. This will help you relax and bring back balance.